Thursday, June 13, 2013

Saying goodbye

I remember swinging and wanting to go higher. I remember her pushing me, laughing as I encouraged her. I asked her pretty please so I could touch the sky. She was always so encouraging. She taught me, a 10 year old at the time by the way, my first Shakespeare soliloquy. I don't feel like she ever judged me. We made things together, her with her son and me with my mom, and it was magical. She ran my first D&D game, help me make my first character and it was magical. She made me Irish cough syrup, which was a concoction of rock candy, oranges, lemons and Irish whiskey, which was dizzying and a bit magical.   I would be writing forever with all the stories of her. She was a great woman.
I wanted her to be my mom sometimes. Even with her messy house with the upteen animals, in the chaos that was her life, I yearned to be a part of it. Every day. And then one day I grew up and left her behind. My wonderful Auntie Mame in real life. I thought about her every day, truly I did. She had so much to do with who I am today.
I did get to see her one last time. She was here playing canasta with her husband and my parents. The laughs and the jeers, the jabs and the yelling, it was like the old days. I told her some jokes and she laughed. I will miss that laugh and that giggle.
Momma Kay, I know you weren't perfect but I don't care. I love you and will always love you. Thank you for being there and being my friend. I am not going to say good bye. I will say I hope to see you sometime, in the wind or a flower. I miss you already
I could use some of that cough syrup right now. Can you send some down to me?

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