Friday, July 10, 2009


I have noticed a lot of things lately. A lot of things. It is like my brain is over full. And I love it. I am working and finishing a lot of my projects.
The belly dance class is going well. So I am going to continue to teach on Tuesdays at 6. Teaching has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am learning as I teach. Another thing I love!
We are moving in 3 weeks. It has been so long. And I have been very patient. I look forward to all the freedom we will have and the chance to make our own home. Yet another thing I love!
The Artist's Way....holy cow Batman! It is opening my eyes, my heart, my brain. It makes me realize what I can truly accomplish.
My body is not so happy lately. I am active and it is resisting. I will not give up though. I refuse to be like my family before me. I will not give in to the pain. I will win this.
I love my husband for supporting me through all of this and helping to keep my spirits up when I feel completely overwhelmed.
The last thing I am starting to love. Notice I said starting is myself. I deserve a new home, a healthier body, to expand my artistic side. I love me. Quirky, talky, funny, pretty, sexy, curvy, smart me.
How about that!?!?


Goggles are good