Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The economy

So everyone is afraid of what is going on in the economy. And I am scared too, don't get me wrong. I watch my customers order less and then die away and it is very hard.
I felt panicked yesterday because we just bought a car. What would we do if one of us lost their job? I woke up this morning realizing we would deal with it. Like we have with everything else in our life, we will deal and move on.
Everything happens for a reason. Cliche I know. I think what is happening in the country today is to teach us that we need to value other things. We are ever so consumed with what money can buy us, the next big thing. We don't value ourselves or those around us anymore.
Maybe it is time to re-evaluate what I find important. The things I buy don't make me happy. I make me happy. Or at least I have that potential.
So cuddle your loved one, take a walk and say hi to your neighbors, dance naked in your living room, enjoy what you have. At least some of those things are free.

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