Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today in the car, Kevin started singing. I remembered when we were first together and he would hold me and sing to me, my ear to his chest. It felt like home and safe. It always has. He would sing to me in the shower, while we were in cuddling, in the car. He still does. His voice soothes me.
Some people don't understand why I am with him. His bravado and tough, mean mask keeps people at arms reach. Some would call him an asshole and he can be don't get me wrong. But believe me when I say he is really a gentle soul. He loves animals and even some people. He makes me laugh all the time. Bottom line is I love him with all of me. I am happy with him.

We measured the house yesterday. I took some pictures too. It will help when shopping for furniture etc. I found an awesome deal on some curtains. I spent $4.25 and got 12 yards of white sheer, 2 camel colored sheer panels, 2 tab top white curtains and a window scarf that is yellow gold with spiral embroidery. Not too bad at all.

Tuesday is my dad's operation. Basically they are opening his head and taking out the growth that is behind his eye. It will be an 8 hour surgery. Worst case scenario is that he could loose his eyesight in that eye. But that is not going to happen. I have deemed it so.

I will keep you up to date.

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  1. being sung to by the one you love is the best! I'm glad you are so in love, and it's good that not everyone knows he has that gentleness, keeps the REAL freaks away!



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